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Our Team

With a seven-manager strategy team and consulting experts located throughout Central and South America and select European capitals, Development Outcomes offers


Juan Manuel Sotelo | Partner

Brings three decades' experience in international health management, strategic planning and partnership development. The former Director of Strategic Planning for WHO/PAHO, he also led PAHO offices serving Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, and Central America. Dr. Sotelo has also headed institutions and associations in Peru, Mexico and Brazil.


Hernan Rosenberg | Partner

Expert in planning and organizational development. He has served in leadership roles in the private sector, and with UNDP, the Global Fund and WHO/PAHO. His experience includes work in Europe, Africa, Asia and all countries of the Americas.

Kamer Davis.jpg

Kamer Davis | Senior Consultant

Focuses on communications.  As a consultant, and previously as head of the Emergency and Risk Communications Group at Ogilvy/Washington, she has led national and international projects dealing with crisis communications, disaster and pandemic preparedness, bio-terrorism and community resilience.


Alberto Mazza | Partner

Former Minister of Health in Argentina, Mazza has a wealth of experience in policy analysis, academic institution development, and operations of private sector healthcare and health insurance systems.

Cristian Mazza.jpg

Cristián Mazza | Partner

Director of Consenso Salud, a health information system for Argentina and other countries, and President of ALAMI (Asociación Latinoamericana de Medicina Integral), an association for private health providers. He is also a recognized international journalist and convener in the health sector.

Evelyn Jacir de Lovo.png

Evelyn Jacir de Lovo | Senior Consultant

Economist, social scientist, educator and international policy consultant with more than 25 years’ experience at the hemispheric level. She has worked with the Organization of American States, the World Bank, Interamerican Development Bank, the International Monetary Fund and UN organizations.

Laura Godoy.jpg

Laura Godoy | Senior Consultant

Economist with extensive experience in Central American regional integration. She has also worked with the U.N. system on gender issues, climate change and developmental cooperation.

DevOutcomes has extensive expertise in development cooperation, particularly in health and its determinants. Our consultants are experts handling major projects and delivering results for international and national institutions. In addition to assisting in strengthening human resources within an organization, they are able to communicate in several languages and are familiar with multicultural environments.
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