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Our Expertise

Based on the needs of the client, Dev Outcomes applies state-of-the-art methodologies and decades of multi-national experience to deliver:

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Strategic and policy analysis of problems affecting population groups and development institutions

In promoting development, governments, institutions, corporations and civil sector advocates are often whipsawed by policy and implementation decisions made to show fast results. Unfortunately, resolution of difficult issues usually requires sustained assessment and implementation.


DevOutcomes can assist in preparing programs and plans that both honor short-term requirements and achieve real and important long-term outcomes, using a results-based approach.

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Proposal and project planning, implementation and evaluation


Successfully preparing and managing proposals for resource allocation takes experience and skill. Too often, the social sector is seen as incapable of "serious" planning and programming, and requests for resources are perceived as charity requests rather than investments amenable to rigorous evaluation.


DevOutcomes offers training and support to equip social sector stakeholders to better manage program and project development to ensure appropriate resources and successful outcomes.


United States representation for academic and service institutions

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Washington D.C. is home to many of the world's most important development organizations and is a hub for intellectual, economic and political advances that may be of interest to our clients.


From our Washington D.C. offices, DevOutcomes is able to provide clients with a wide range of services. While we stand apart from lobbying, we offer a range of other options, from regular briefing and reports about areas of interest, to opportunities for collaboration with other institutions, to organizing strategic and study visits and assisting in participation in research and grant opportunities.

Assistance in resource mobilization from conventional and emerging partners

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Many stakeholders are now facing significant resource constraints. For some this is the result of repeatedly reaching out to the same sources, who over time have redirected their contributions to different topics or areas. For others there are problems adjusting to ever more complex funding source requirements. Or there may have been an excessive concentration on mobilizing strictly financial resources, rather than also considering non-financial contributions.

DevOutcomes can assist clients in identifying weakness in resource mobilization, help find untapped sources for resources, particularly in the private sector, and cooperate in exploring new approaches to revenue generation.

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Identifying and strengthening alliances and public/private partnerships to achieve optimal results

Companies and institutions that approach external relations in an organized and sustained way capture better results. DevOutcomes has the setup, talent and experience to help government and regulatory interventions succeed. We help organize work and assist in effectively engaging stakeholders, particularly by identifying and tracking the best contracts and mechanisms for the client's business model.

Our team assists business and institution leaders to better understand complex and changing environments and regulatory issues. We are well connected with global partners and with numerous experts we can call on for deep level country insights.

DevOutcomes has extensive expertise in development cooperation, particularly in health and its determinants. Our consultants are experts handling major projects and delivering results for international and national institutions. In addition to assisting in strengthening human resources within an organization, they are able to communicate in several languages and are familiar with multicultural environments.
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