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International health research and consultation for Alere Abbott

July 2019 - January 2020

This nine-country  project for a major health diagnostics provider included  comprehensive  research and analysis, as well as expert advice.  


Development Outcomes first reported on strategic priorities and relevant funding opportunities within four United Nations health and development institutions. Next, looking more closely at specific countries,  we  identified opportunities and constraints for business development given the current economic, social and political climate. Among factors considered were  recent data on  populations at risk, formal and informal health system structures, key stakeholders and more. 


The project concluded with a review and planning meeting and recommendations for next steps.

DevOutcomes has extensive expertise in development cooperation, particularly in health and its determinants. Our consultants are experts handling major projects and delivering results for international and national institutions. In addition to assisting in strengthening human resources within an organization, they are able to communicate in several languages and are familiar with multicultural environments.
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